Styling the Shoot



I was asked to style a vintage shoot with a team of talent ladies in Charleston, South Carolina. This was the first time that I had the opportunity to style someone and provided the client with what they wanted. As I went through the motions, I never that that my styling game was good enough and I was overthinking everything.  To prepare myself, I went to different thrift store in different locations including states trying to find the right style for each ladies. It hit me that when you're shopping, think about what fits the body type and never buy anything that you would not wear no matter that size.

Again it hit me "Never buy anything that you wouldn't wear no matter the size!" I had to continuously say that to myself and everything came easy. The shoot was a success and working with such great ladies and building relationships is what is all about. Thanks to you Mia at for being the visionary, make-up artist Valisha and Sirena at Aneris Photography for capturing the moments.

These are the behind the scene moments. Stay tuned....

LaKeithra Peterson