Hello 2017, Imperfection is Perfection

Waking up in the morning and off to brush your teeth, shower, and get dress to start your day. Looking in the mirror to admire what you look like before you head out and everything is fine until you notice your imperfections. These things are noticed only in your eyes because we see ourself everyday. However, we never consider those things as perfect. Yes, your imperfections is perfect. 

How we look at ourselves or treat ourselves determines how people react to you. You may not get picked to be that runway model but when you pick up your smart phone to take a picture, you are modeling. You may not be a make-up artist but you can enhance your look with a little eyeliner and lip gloss. So today as 2017 begins, lets not looks at our imperfections as something that it critical. Embrace it..... you are perfect.