Day 2: The Waiting List

What are you waiting for" is a one of the most popular questions that is often asked especially to people who has goals and aspirations in life. When this question is asked, literately there is always an awkward silence as you search for that emptiness in your head. The response is often a simple answer to get them off your back. Typically we don't know what we are waiting for or how to wait. I composed  The Wait List

 Where do you want to go?

Write down where you see your business, career, relationship, family (e.g ) going. This is a start to goal setting. There is nothing more greater than organizing your thoughts! This provides a clearer picture and a checklist of your next move.

Understanding Patience

Okay there is always a right now mind state. I would say to myself, "if I cannot have it now then its not meant to be." The reality is how do I know if its meant to be if don't wait for it. This is a missed opportunity for everyone. All it takes it just sitting back and letting it happen.


The advice that I give a lot of people is follow your heart or what does your heart say. The heart makes a big impact in your decision making. Thats that inner spirit that shakes hands with your mind. "Whats in your heart, comes out of your mouth" and it can control your actions.


OK God, you know my purpose is a starting point and will guide you to your next step. Waiting on the answer from the high power has a spiritual way of looking at your entire wait list. Am I doing what I should do? While you're waiting, you are embrace the wait because you are not alone. This eases your mind and helps release the frustration of the wait.

This is the Waiting List that help me when I'm frustrated. What is the most important thing on your waiting list?

Recommend Book

LaKeithra Peterson